My Best Friend is a hypocrite

Thid is what I was going to send to her on facebook messenger. After she didn’t open my last message which was just me joking about a meme she sent.

I was going to ask if you wanted to hang out some point but judging by the fact that you leave me on read 70% of the time, i’m not important enough to do so.

Its not like you don’t have a phone still – can’t use that excuse anymore. I may not have hung out with you one to one when i was living at toms but I always had time to video call, i always replied and checked up on you n shit, and the one time i rode my bike to see you i regretted it anyway cuz you weren’t bothered😂

You made me feel bad as though i abandoned you by staying with tom yet you made fuck all effort yourself and me and tom would take you out together for meals and the cinema (because guess who has a car) yet now your in a relationship i don’t try and make you feel bad for wanting to be with jack, even though i’ve been going through a low patch do i make you feel bad? Nope. I’m just fucked off tbh. It is a very one sided thing.

How me and tom and you would go bowling, cinema, meals n that.

Yet you made me feel bad for not having enough timr for you when i was in yate.

Now that the shoes on the other foot and your only in filton mostly you just go to the cinema – with jack. Do everuthing – with jack.

Me and tom would play pokemon which you didn’t like or stay in. When we did go out you were invited, and a lift was provided most of the time. And when we hung out you got all my attention. Tom was the one sitting feeling like the third berry.

Its just typical really. This isn’t me asking for you to do any of these things btw. It’s me complaining about how absolutely hilariously typical it is. That everything you made me feel bad for is exactly what you do – except i made effort and you just dgaf.

I don’t want to hang out with u two. But at least i gave you the option. It showed I wanted you around. You just dont give a fuck.

I’m not sending it to her because it is not the first time I have brought it up, and all she does is chat shit. And I don’t want to talk about it anyway, it’s pointless.

She has changed ever since she got with jack. It is so annoying. He isn’t even like her. He pretends to be all smart and uses pretentiously long and annoyingly old words. When other smaller, simpler words could be used and get the point across in exactly the same way. It’s so irritating.

I’m smart, people tell me after even just a few minutes of meeting me but it’s not because I shove dumbass words doen everyones ear holes.

Me and my boyfriend get a bad vibe off of him. Like, somethings off. Perhaps he is two faced…

I’m happy that she is happy, but she is so selfish.

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